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An under the stairs toilet is a very convenient and accessible addition to your home. We can supply & install macerator pumps, that enables you to install a toilet under your stairs, washing machine under the stairs, shower in your basement.
The macerator pumping technology means you don't need easy access to a soil stack or waste outlet pipe, that general plumbing works would need. Instead the sanibasic pumping system we have can be connected to a small ordinary internal pipe, because of how the macerating unit breaks down the waste from the toilet into a liquid effluent it can be easily pumped through small pipes and out to your mains waste sewage drains or septic tank system.
Commercially we can install this system in any location within your premises 
Our engineers are fully qualified in various disciplines including plumbing, heating, drainage, waste and building regulations - making Kelly Environmental Services the right company for you for any job, big or small. 
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